• Rick Arnold

Don't Be Complicit

Who would have thought a year ago that in 2020 there would be loss of - liberty of movement, liberty of expression, liberty to exercise religion freely, liberty to buy or sell without a suffocating expressionless face mask, liberty to meet with family or friends, or even to come within 6 feet of another person??? The reason we are in this position is because the majority of people are too cowardly to fight back, and are expressly complicit in the robbing of their personal God-given freedom and liberties. Many of you say that you do not like the mandated face coverings, but do so in order to be able to buy or sell - you are complicit to the removal of our liberties, because you do not fight back. If the majority of people refused to shop at all businesses, including large retail businesses such as Walmart, if a face covering is mandatory, then, the businesses would either go out of business, or they would be forced to return to us our freedom to breathe, smile, express freely, and live without hinderance at Walmart, or any other business, or any other place, including, in the sky, on your favorite airline. Fight back while there is still time, or you will have no right to complain, when you wake up and realize, that your freedoms have just about all been taken away. This virus is simply a cold virus; no more, and no less - but, it has been constructed to remove your personal liberties, one by one.

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