• Rick Arnold

Mask of Fear

The masks represent fear. I have read through the bible more than once, and have never read anything that tells us we are to live in fear; all over the bible, He tells us to not fear, no matter if thousands or millions are dying around us. In America, we have a cultural pseudo Christianity which is synonomous for being weak pushovers; but that is not Christianity of the bible. David took on a bear, lion, a giant, and he and his mighty men could each single handedly kill hundreds of men in one battle; Samson killed hundreds of men with the jawbone of an ax; Shadrach, Meschach and Abendego got thrown into a fiery furnace because they would not bow down to the king; Daniel prayed in front of an open window, knowing it would send him to the lions den; Paul was stoned, shipwrecked and beaten with rods three times, and prayed for more boldness, which led him to be crucified for his faith; Jesus took a beating that no human being could take, and was crucified for the forgiveness of our sins. Currently, in various places the world, Christians are frequently being imprisioned or killed simply for being Christians. Yet, cultural Christians, Christian leaders and Pastors in America are too afraid to get fined, sued or booked in jail for their faith, in order to have or attend church services, or to stand up for what it says in the bible. We have to rise above cultural Christianity to the real Christianity of the bible, and what the bible really says; we need real boldness, and to say no to being fearful and weak pushovers, who are swaying reeds and bend at every cultural or governmental pressure.

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