• Rick Arnold

Technological Borgs

How did we get to where we are today? It started with the gradual introduction of more and more virtual interaction with technology, within my generation - video games in the 80's, followed by computers and internet in the 90's, cell phones in the 2000's, which led to the smart phones, social media, email, endless streams of short videos, shows, movies and music videos, websites, digital/modifiable encyclopedias, and news sites of today, from all around the world, which have completely saturated the world and made us nearly completely dependent on technology for our everyday life. In today's world, when people have only a few minutes to flee their homes due to fire, flooding, hurricane or tornado, what do they grab? - not their ID's, family photos, or even their pets, but if they are able to grab just one thing, it is their Cell Phones.

Through search engine technology, the powers at be, such as google, determine the information we receive in our search results. They record our conversations, via google voice, etc, phone calls, text messages, keep track of what information we search for, which websites we visit, the places we go, what we post on social media like Facebook and the pages we like and visit, our conversations with family and friends on email, Whatsapp, messenger, etc, in order to interpret the information through algorithms and store the information on mega servers at extremely large data centers. It's no longer - What do they know about our lives and personal beliefs? - but - What do they Not know about our lives, where we go, who we see, and of our personal convictions?

Thus, there is now an assault on human interaction and being in close proximity to others, and the shut down of live events and churches - which makes us more isolated and vulnerable to sickness. The reason being that they are not able to control and record those real life human interactions and what information is exchanged, as they are extensively able to do on the internet through filtered search results, changing "facts" and information available on the internet whenever deemed necessary, censorship, suspension of social media accounts, and "fact checks", etc. Virtual interactions with others via - likes, emojis and hashtags, etc. - have slowly overtaken actual real life human interaction, so as to make actual human interaction awkward, unnatural and even, undesirable.

Just observe a group of people sitting together at a restaurant - there is much more virtual interaction - Whatsapp messages and messenger messages sent and time spent on media on their phones than on actual interaction and communication with the other people physically seated in close proximity to them. Communication has shifted largely to the virtual realm, and has caused a devolving of face to face communication. People are having a very difficult time having unhindered, intelligible, clear and without conflict or confusion - face to face communication with others.

So, that is the reason that when the powers at be told us that human interaction and proximity was no longer permitted, and face coverings preventing freedom of expression were required, the people, without a thought, automatically agreed. You see, we have been gradually and systematically programmed into shunning costly and messy human interaction, in favor of, easy, shallow, more trackable and controllable interaction virtually with human beings and virtual beings from around the world. We have all been a willing part of a worldwide social engineering experiment of mass worldwide control.

News and information on the internet is now a politically controlled prism of what they want us to see, in order to program us to think and act how they want us to act in a communal and global sense.

The only way to be free from control of the global elites and powers that be is to disconnect from the world media, news and influence, and connect to the influence and news that never changes, and is always good - the Word of God - the Bible. It is more factual and true to reality than any news source out there, and the only source of hope, direction and connection, in a world of total and complete hopelessness, despair, confusion and isolation.

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