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What we do:

Discipleship in public schools

One one one Evangelism

Bible Discipleship Groups

Evangelistic Outreaches



To continue expanding to reach more and more people through teaching the bible each week in elementary and middle/high schools, evangelism, discipleship groups and evangelistic outreaches; to see more salvations, healings and miracles; to buy land in order to build a multi-purpose bible training/prayer and outreach center - where we can reach children, youth and adults and to train them in prayer, worship and in the Word of God in depth, to have a recreational area for the children and youth to be able to play in, as well as to have an area for food distribution.



We have seen many salvations and healings.  A man over 90 years old, who we met while doing door to door evangelism, received Christ, and experienced evident change in his life, as his soul was then at peace - he became talkative, and even expressed a desire to go fishing.  He never got a chance to go fishing, though, because he passed away a couple of weeks later, but he is now in heaven as a result of your prayers and financial support.


Another time, we were out on a walk, and ended up praying for a man who was very sick, and was barely able to talk. He prayed to receive Christ, and immediately felt peace and was able to talk. A couple of hours later, he passed on to glory, completely at peace. His last words to his loved ones were - I love you. Glory to God!! God's Word never returns void, and nothing we do for Him is ever in vain.


What you can do to help:

Pray for us and for hearts to be open to the message of Jesus Christ when it is presented to them, and for individuals, families and entire communities to be changed, transformed and set free through prayer, through the working of the Holy Spirit, and through the Word of God.


Give a one time gift or monthly gifts to help meet our monthly expenses, as well as for special projects. Our project right now is to put the Word of God in the hands of the 1000 children and young people we minister to in the schools on a weekly basis, who are over the age of 10. A $50 gift will help buy bibles for 12 students.

Our monthly and special project expenses are $2000; the amount we need to buy land is $50k.

Be part of the miracle to change and transform many multiplied lives in Honduras!!

God bless you for your generosity! We love you.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.



Rick & Maria Arnold

Make checks payable to:

Ministerios De La Cruz, 204 S Poplar Ave, Tulsa, OK 74012

501(c)(3) non-profit organization - EIN: 83-2985028

Ministry location: Azacualpa, Santa Barbara, Honduras



School Discipleship



I, Rick, am from Oregon, and my wife, Maria, is from Honduras. We have both worked in various professions, but  - our passion is to reach the lost, and to disciple them into a vibrant relationship with Jesus - to do anything that we might reach just one. Nothing we can go without or suffer can even compare with what Jesus suffered for you and I in being beaten, whipped and crucified on the cross.


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