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Good is the New Bad

I saw someone wearing a shirt that says this, today. It describes what we are going through today. If you are going after the good, such as - protecting the unborn, God created biological genders, standing for the police and military, etc. - be prepared that the world will call you bad. Because the bad is now considered good, and the good bad. If you or I are kicked off of social media for violating their standards, that is a good thing, because having the same belief system as them is to be on the wrong side. Don't be intimidated, back down or retreat, no matter what. If, and when things get really bad on this earth, God is the only one that will be able to help and sustain us - no matter how many bottles of water, military style rations and protein bars we have stored in our underground emf shielded bunker - it will not be able to save us. There is no backup plan.

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