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Male & Female

Man tries to be God, and makes laws not based on facts, or science, but on their wrong and abhorrent belief systems. Making a law does not change the laws of science, because scientific laws were put in place by God, and do not change.

Someone may say - there is no gravity, and spend millions of dollars to create an anti-gravity chamber; but, if they ever again venture outside into the real world, they will still have to deal with the law of gravity, because it is an undisputed and unchangeable law.

Likewise, very confused people can receive plastic surgery to remove and add certain body parts, dress in certain clothes, take hormones and talk differently; but in the end, they will still be the same gender, either male or female, as they became at conception. The chromosomes in upwards of 30 TRILLION CELLS in their bodies will STILL declare them to be either XX-Female, or XY-Male. That's the undisputed factual law of law of God, and consequentially, law of science. Period. No law created by man can ever change that. In addition, no matter what man's laws say - Marriage is only between one man-XY and one woman-XX chromosome; it's the only relationship that allows procreation and the creation of a biological family. Period. End of story.

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