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New Year

Something to think about as we enter the new year. We often get into an endless cycle of comparing ourselves with others, and comparing our lives and work with others, as well. We have all been created by God uniquely with a unique purpose in mind, and with unique talents and abilities. No matter how great of a house, car, job, ministry or possessions you have, there will always be others with better houses, nicer cars, a better job with better pay, a bigger and seemingly better ministry, and more and better possessions. All we can do is do the best that we can do, with the ability and things God has given us. It is very easy to feel inadequate, because of the abilities of others - but we are not competing against others, but striving with ourselves to be the best we can be, and to accomplish the plans God has for us. We are not in competition with others. In fact, if we are believers in Christ, then we are all on the same team, and working toward the same goals, and NOT working to be better or have a bigger ministry, outreach, church, more dynamic family, etc. than others. We might as well decide to get off the cycle of competition right now; it will save us much agony. If you have a goal of being in better health this coming year, for example - don't have the goal of looking like a certain person or image of someone you want to look like, to gain admiration from others - focus instead on simply being in the best health and shape you are able to be in - for God, yourself, your family, and so that your life and purpose in life is not cut short by unneccesary health issues. It's not that we should give up on being in good health, but that we should have in mind the right reasons for that goal.

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