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On a Crash Course to Disaster

I wrote a poem

Inspired by: 2020

Entitled: On a Crash Course to Disaster

In a world

Where up is down

And left is right

Where wrong is right

And right is regarded as criminal

Where truths are regarded as lies

But lies are regarded as the undisputed truth

Where they think a male might actually be a female

And a female might be a male

Or just might be a fluid non-binary "It"

Back and forth

From one moment to the next

And personal pronouns are regarded as a hate crime

Where marriage is regarded as unholy

To be between men and men

Between women and women

Between a random number of persons

Or even between men and beast

Or between men and inanimate objects

If that is within their perverted desire

Where criminals are regarded as misunderstood

And released into the streets by the thousands

To be replaced with business owners

Who dare to open to avoid bankruptcy

And with Pastors who dare to open their churches

To help the hurting

Where small businesses are to be closed at any cost

In order to unemploy and bring to poverty the masses

So government dependent peons of the government

May the masses be

Where the police and military are regarded as criminals

In need of prosecution

But where drug dealers and addicts are regarded as saints

In need of of government funded dope

To keep them "healthy"

Where a baby in the womb is regarded as a clump of cells

Of no real value

Except for the sum of cash

Their organs and cells can demand

And where the sick and elderly are regarded

As trash to be disgarded

In order to relieve the financial burden from society

Where pharmacuticals and vaccines are for the purpose

Of carefully planned depopulation measures

Funded by those WHO opened

The flood Gates of worldwide control and domination

To pave the way

For the mark of the Beast

Where good "health" is purported to come from

Wearing dehumanizing, oxygen depriving

Immune system debilitating face coverings

And keeping distance from everyone is considered divine

But loving one another and human interaction

Is regarded as dangerous

Something to be fined, penalized

And stopped at any cost

And truly taking care of your health and well-being is

Regarded as trivial

Where meetings of friends and family

Are regarded as superspreader disease spreading events

But Walmarts and police protests are considered

Meccas of health and safety

Where God is considered dead

And has all but been replaced by the gods of

Self, prosperity and comfort

Even in most churches

Where prosperity and possessions are regarded as blessings

And poverty and hard times are regarded as curses from God

Though Jesus said that hard times are part of life

And He had not even a place to lay His head

And though the churches, houses, cars and possessions

Are funded through back breaking interest loans and credit

In actuality owned by banks

And can be repossessed

At a moments notice

Where we don't notice the poor and weak

But we give great honor to those rich in this world

Where persecution is regarded to be avoided at all costs

And bowing down to unbiblical political correctness

Is considered essential

But living by biblical mandates are considered

Dangerous, careless, hateful and nonessential

Where we are living in is as in the days of Noah

Violence and immorality fill the land

How shall we escape

But through the grace of God

And through trust in Him alone

His voice alone can we trust

Not the voice of CNN

Or the voice of our well informed neighbor

Or the voice of a friend or family member

To follow the world

Is to be like sheep

Ready for the slaughter

To fall off the soon impending cliff

On a crash course to disaster

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